North Queens Board of Trade

The Board of Trade meets on the first Tuesday of each month, except July, August and December, and the Annual General Meeting is held in April.

Meetings are usually held at 7pm in the High School library, unless advertised differently. All meetings are open to non-members who are welcome to come along, but the business of the group is limited to BoT members, e.g. tabling of motions and voting.

Membership of the BoT is open to individuals and businesses in Queens County and is renewed after each AGM. Anyone who would like to join is encouraged to come along to a meeting, or to contact the Treasurer as below.

The North Queens Board of Trade aims to be a positive, active forum in our community, and would welcome your involvement.


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Executive Officers and Directors

North Queens Board of Trade 2014 – 2015

Past President Peter VanDyk
President Harry Delong
Vice President Michael McNeil
Secretary Stephen Malay
Treasurer Donald Kimball


First year of a two year term:

Marie Conway
Glen DeMond
Eric LeBel
Allan Mansfield
Catherine Simms
Gerry VanDyk

Second year of a two year term:

Velda Forrest
Suzanne Frail
Doreen Holdright
Laura Lee Johnson
Mary Keirstead
Brad Toms